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Janice Trayes - Searching for the Perfect Blazer to Launching an Eco-Luxury Brand (part 1)

Episode Summary

Janice is the founder of Connecticut Country Clothing an eco-luxury brand designing smart women’s blazer’s tailored for an exceptional fit. In this conversation, Janice will share with us some of her best childhood memories and how her love for the ocean and the water has laid the foundation for her environmental consciousness. So when she launched Connecticut Country Clothing, being an environmentally friendly business was just a no brainer. We will also learn a lot about natural fabrics, buttons and the closed-loop system of the production of the fabrics she uses for the blazers. She will also share with us one of the key factors of the success of Connecticut Country Clothing which is designing blazers with a perfect fit, whether you wear size 2, 14 or 24.

Episode Notes

02:00 Growing up in Connecticut, summer in New Hampshire and deep love for nature and water

05:30 Looking for an outfit for a wedding inspired Janice to launch Connecticut Country Clothing

09:30 Being a sustainable company is a no brainer

12:30 What set Connecticut Country Clothing’s blazers apart? The fabrics and… the fit

18:00 Sustainable from farm to dye, natural, biodegradable fabrics produced in a closed-loop system

21:00 Fairtrade practices and manufacturing hemp fabrics and moss used to clean the water

CONNECT WITH JANICE TRAYES at Connecticut Country Clothing



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Cupro fabric

Hemp fabric

Corozo buttons (Tagua nuts)