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Janice Trayes - Searching for the Perfect Blazer to Launching an Eco-Luxury Brand (part 2)

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is the 2nd part of the conversation with Janice Trayes, Founder of Connecticut Country Clothing. Connecticut Country Clothing an eco-luxury brand for women. Their flagship product is a blazer with an exceptional fit. In the first part of our conversation, we talked about Janice’s love for the ocean, sustainability and fairtrade, together with many other aspects of her business. Now, in this part of our conversation, we will dive even deeper into the business talk, ranging from Connecticut Country Clothing’s very smart business model to why it is really NOW the time for small sustainable brands to make their mark and to be ahead of the sustainability curve. If you still have doubts and still believe that you are too small to make a difference, you should definitely listen to this part of our conversation to understand why the window of opportunity for your fashion business is now. So join me for this conversation with Janice Trayes.

Episode Notes

02:00 Why Janice chose an on-demand production model: to optimize use of cash flow with lower inventory and less waste

08:00 Room for improvement for higher sustainability: sewing threads and packaging

09:30 Why it is right now the time for small sustainable brands to be ahead of the curve.

14:30 How to find the right suppliers

17:00 Achievements and humble brag 

19:00 Launching an online business 20 years ago and today, what has changed?

23:00 What’s next? New product launch? 

CONNECT WITH JANICE TRAYES at Connecticut Country Clothing